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Fins and Family Fishing offers fun and exciting inshore fishing charters and offshore or deep sea fishing charters in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama. We specialize in family friendly fishing charters and we welcome anglers of all ages and skill levels. We feature private charters which ensures you and your family are always the stars of the show and get the captain and mates undivided attention. We offer our inshore and offshore fishing charters year round and feature rates that fit most budgets.

The goal of our captains on every fishing charter is to keep you safe, teach you something new, and to help you have an incredible day on the water! Whether you choose a one hour inshore fishing matinee charter or a twenty six hour billfish and tuna trip, we guarantee our captains will use their knowledge and experience to put you in the best position to be a successful angler. Our captains will share, coach, teach, and encourage you every step of the way! Everything we do is designed to help you and your family have the most opportunities to catch fish and have fun!

We are passionate about fishing and sharing the opportunity to catch amazing saltwater fish with our charter guests. We promise to work hard to keep your lines tight, poles bent, and smiles on your faces. Any charter of three hours or more provides the opportunity for anglers who wish to harvest fish to have the chance to keep some fish. At the same time, strict federal and state size limits, bag limits, and short seasons often require us to be happy catching fish and then practicing CPR; Catch, Photo, & Release. In today's climate if you judge the success of your charter only by the amount fish fillets you have at the end of your charter then you are best served to visit our fish market Captain Frazier's Fish Company to get the best bang for your buck. If your can be happy having the opportunity to catch and harvest a few fish, make some great memories, learn something new, and have a great experience then we'd love to have you aboard!

Our inshore fishing charters feature great saltwater fishing action in calm protected waters such as canals, bays, lagoons, bayous, and tidal rivers. Fins and Family Fishing's inshore fishing charters are great for any skill level and there is no better way to introduce kids to saltwater fishing than an inshore fishing charter. We offer inshore charters from one to five hours and for anglers from one to six persons.

Our inshore fishing is done on our versatile 24 foot Polar 2310 named "Polarity". She is perfect for fishing bays, lagoons, tidal rivers, and canals. She is a center console that features large front and rear casting decks, front and rear pedestal seats, padded gunnels, large fish box, and three large live wells for fish and bait. She is well over eight feet wide and has a flared bow for a comfortable, dry ride. She is equipped with two Minn Kota Talon shallow water anchor systems that can anchor us quickly and quietly in water up to ten feet deep at the touch of a button. Up front we are assisted by a 36 volt remote controlled Motor Guide Xi5 trolling motor with GPS technology. Our Xi5 is the strongest saltwater trolling motor on the market and it can be used to propel and to anchor. Polarity is powered by a 2015 Yamaha 250 four stroke saltwater series outboard motor this is both powerful and quiet. On the console we have a Lowrance Elite 5 DSI sonar that we use for both fish finding and GPS navigation. We can easily trailer our Polar which allows us to fish in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Fort Morgan with ease.

Our rods and reels of choice are 3000 class Penn's spinning reels on 7 foot Penn medium action rods which allows us to enjoy the fight of smaller species yet gives us a fighting chance at the big boys. We spool our reels with 12lb Berkley Trilene Big Game mono and tip them with 14 pound Vanish Fluorocarbon leaders. We prefer to fish circle hooks inshore because they are safe and effective for us and the fish.

​We often fish techniques such as casting live baits and jigs popping floats, drifting live and dead baits across the bottom, casting artificial lures and plugs, and free lining live baits. We use these techniques to fish over open water oyster beds, along salt marsh grasses, near bridges and passes, on edges of sand bars and channels, and near docks. Live shrimp is our favorite inshore bait choice but we will fish finger mullet, pogies, and fiddler crabs.

Our deep sea or offshore fishing charters are offered on two great vessels with two vessels each with their own style of fishing. Offshore fishing on our 24 foot center console "Polarity" focuses on an exciting near shore approach which typically keeps us with 15 miles of shore. Polarity is a state licensed boat which allows us to fish in state only seasons on fish such as Red Snapper. Her maneuverability and versatility allow us to fish a myriad of styles that just can't be done on a larger vessel. For example, we use the high speed pursuit to chase and cast schools of fish that are feeding on the surface. In addition, we can get up close and personal with great vertical structure such as gas rigs and cast, chum, jig, chunk, drift and bottom fish. She is at her best in gulf waters with average seas of two foot or less which we encounter much of the year. She can fish up to six anglers but four or less allows the opportunity to fish the most styles and techniques. For fishing comfort she has large front and rear casting decks, padded front and rear pedestal seats, padded gunnels to lean into as you bottom fish, large fish box, and three large live wells for fish and bait. Our console features a Lowrance Elite 5 DSI sonar with down scan and side scan technology that we use for both fish finding and GPS navigation in darkness or restricted visibility. We primarily depart Fort Morgan on our offshore charters in Polarity but we do on occasions we run her from our home port SanRock Cay Marina in Orange Beach. Offshore charters in Polarity are offered from four to six hours year round.

Our largest offshore or deep sea fishing vessel is an incredible Bertram 46 Convertible named "Somewhere". She is 46 feet long, over 16 feet wide, and she rides and fishes like a dream. Somewhere is federally permitted giving us the ability to catch and harvest federally regulated reef and pelagic species during federal season. We offer offshore trips from three to twenty six hours in length and fishing styles from trolling to bottom fishing.

Our three and four hour offshore trolling charters focus on slowly pulling lures and spoons within a few miles of shore. In the winter we target awesome Bull Redfish and in the spring we add Cobia to the mix. In summer and fall we often catch Spanish & King Mackerel, Bonita, Bluefish, and Crevalle Jack while trolling. These charters are typically very laid back and are a good choice for persons who are concerned with being too far from shore. Our trolling charters are a good choice for both experienced and novice anglers.

Our most popular offshore or deep sea fishing charters are our five and six hour (half day) trolling & bottom fishing charters. Our five and six hour seep sea charters almost always stay within 20 miles and typically combine popular reef fish such as Red Snapper, Amberjack, and Triggerfish along with Spanish and King Mackerel and more. These deep sea fishing charters offer a variety of exciting fishing styles and include the opportunity to catch both reef fish and pelagic species. Our private five and six hour offshore or deep sea charters are great for families and anglers of any skill level.

Our ten hour bottom fishing and trolling trips often extend to around 30 miles offshore and yield on species such as Grouper, Red Snapper, Black Snapper, Amberjack, Beeliners, King Mackerel, and more. A twelve hour blue water fishing experience take us to water hundreds of feet deep where we open the outriggers and troll for Wahoo and Mahi while waiting anxiously for a blow up by a Tuna or Marlin. In addition we deep drop for Grouper, Scamp, Swordfish, and more. Our overnight 26 hour blue water trolling trip will help you check one off of your bucket list! On these charters we troll the early evening and late morning for Wahoo and billfish, jig after dark for Blackfin Tuna and Amberjack, and chunk and drift for monster Yellowfin Tuna through the night.

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